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Can the rodeo bull be operated indoors/outdoors?

Yes, it can be operated both inside and outside. Floor space required 16ft diameter circle 

Do I need to supply electrical power?

We can supply power via a generator if needed however there is a £40 fuel surcharge. The power required is access to one standard 3 pin power socket 

Does the rodeo bull have any age or height restrictions? 

Yes, the minimum age for the bull is 10 years and height is 4ft

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a £50 deposit is required with bookings. This can be done via bank transfer or Paypal 

Are you covered by insurance?

Yes we have full public liability cover up to £5m

Can you provide bespoke packages?

Yes, we can provide whatever you require, a mix of games/bull etc. The more items you hire, the more discount we can offer you


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